March 24, 2018

List of Shame -- House Freedom Caucus Members and other self-identified conservatives who voted for the deficit-busting Omnibus bill.

Don Bacon, NE-2

Jim Banks, IN-3

John Carter, TX-31

Liz Cheney, WY-0

Paul Cook, CA-8

Neal Dunn, FL-2

Bill Flores, TX-17

Tom Graves, GA-14

William Huizenga, MI-2

Duncan Hunter, CA-50

Lynn Jenkins, KS-2

Evan Jenkins, WV-3

Sam Johnson, TX-3

Doug Lamborn, CO-5

Luke Messer, IN-6

Steven Palazzo, MS-4

Robert Pittenger, NC-9

Bruce Poliquin, ME-2

Phil Roe, TN-1

Pete Sessions, TX-32

Adrian Smith, NE-3

Elise Stefanik, NY-21

Glenn Thompson, PA-5

Mike Turner, OH-10

Brad Wenstrup, OH-2

Robert Wittman, VA-1

Donald Young, AK-0

Lee Zeldin, NY-1

March 23, 2018

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed the vaguely named “Omnibus Spending Bill” 256-167, much too much chagrin from the American Liberty Network and other conservative organizations.

Even in the best light, the bill authorized another trillion dollars be added to the deficit -- which is already ballooned from irresponsible Congressional spending.

The 2,232-page bill was introduced with little time for any members to fully read it, let alone be prepared to debate the bill on merits.

Additionally, the bill contained handouts to liberals on a variety of social issues, sure to give conservative lawmakers indigestion.

A full list of the lawmakers who vote for and against this legislation can be read here:

March 21, 2018

The American Liberty Network Strongly Opposes passage of the so-called “Omnibus” spending bill.

ALN calls for a “No” vote on both the Rule and Final Passage of the Omnibus.

We urge all liberty-minded Americans to call their member of Congress and urge them to vote “No” on the Omnibus.

You can reach the House of Representatives’ switch board at  (202) 224-3121