The American Liberty Network is committed to advancing the ideals of the Founding Fathers, with a special focus on liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This means educating the public as to how public policy affects their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.


In particularly we focus on:

Real, conservative tax reform
Significantly reducing the tax burdens placed on Americans is a key to prosperity.

This means radically simplifying the tax code and reducing the burdens placed on the paychecks of ordinary Americans.

Immigration and Border Security
Immigration reform starts with border security, and that means walls, barriers, and enforcement.

Additionally, this means cutting off the welfare incentives that drive many immigrants to enter the country illegally in the first place.  

Combating Corporate Cronyism
Corporate cronyism is cancer that distorts free-market capitalism and too often uses the power of the state to reward favorites of the political elites — or punish those who stand up to the political establishment.

Radical environmental activists have long used wind, solar and other renewal energy tax write-offs to disadvantage traditional energy sources, driving up the cost of energy in Texas and across the country.

Cutting Red tape and regulation
Excessive red-tape and regulation are strangling American’s ability to “pursue happiness.”  Conservative legislators should fight tooth and nail to dramatically reducing red-tape and regulation that makes it harder for small and medium business to succeed.